Conductivity meters

Surface and z-potential analyzers 

Mercury analyzers

Texture analyzers of foods-cosmetics-pharmaceuticals-packaging materials

Analytical balances


Atomic Absorption Continuoum Source ContrAA

Atomic Absorption flame-graphite furnace

Automatic sample pretreatment and analysis

Titrators (potentiometric, thermometric)

Dynamic Mechanical Analyzers (DMA)



Laboratory systems for ultra pure water production


Glass thermometers

On-line viscometers I

On-line viscometers II

Rotational viscometers

Ion chromatographs

Furnaces high temperatures

Tube furnaces

Titrators with autosamplers


ICP analyzers

XRF analyzers

Petroleum products analyzers

Thermal analyzers

Organic additives in electroplating baths

pH meters

Bath media

Polarography-cyclic voltammetry

CRM standards (CFPP, cloud point, density, distillation, elemental analysis, FAME, flash point, pour point, freezing point, X-ray)

CRM standards (atomic absorption, ion chromatography, ICP, conductivity)

Calibration standards (viscosity, flash point, density, refractive index, ΤΑΝ, ΤΒΝ, colour, turbidity, conductivity, ion chromatography, COD, BOD, TOC, etc)

Standard oils (viscosity, ΤΑΝ, ΤΒΝ, metals, chlorine, flash point, particle size, sulfur, metal-organics, biodiesel, FTIR)

Standards, consumables, reagents and accessories for ICP

Standards, consumables, reagents and accessories for XRF


Rheometers I

Rheometers II

Elemental analyzers S, N, C, Cl


ASTM glassware for petroleum products

Colour Readers

Mini Flash Point Analyzers

FTIR for lubricants

Gloss meters


Karl Fischer analyzers (volumetric, coulometric, with oven)

Oil in water meters

RANCIMAT (Oxidation Stability of Oils/Fats-Biodiesel)

TOC analyzers on-line

TOC-TIC-TC-NPOC (total organic carbon) and TNb (nitrogen) analyzers

Titrators at-line

Glass viscometers

Spectrophotometers (bench, portables)

UV-VIS spectrophotometers I

UV-VIS spectrophotometers II

Special furnaces



Microwave digestors

Combination of techniques-Hyphenated systems (titration, ion chromatography, polarography, IC-MC, combustion IC)